Campaign Setting 1, The Corvus Cluster


The Corvus Cluster sourcebook details a chaotic nebula rife with adventure and intrigue, part of the Far Stars sector.

A centralized government, the Justicia, is expanding into the nebula, and comes into conflict with local worlds, rival goverments, and the spaceborne nomads making a living there.

The Po, a nomadic nation of traders and explorers, run a vast commercial empire linking hundreds of worlds.

The Tong Vu Patriarchy, a xenophobic authoritarian state, also has designs on the subsector.

Operation Torch

Operation Torch is a joint mission between the Justicia and the Po. Their mandate, using secret intelligence resources, is to bring order to the chaos of the Corvus Cluster. For this mission, they've recruited:

Corvus Subsector Map

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Starships of the Corvus Cluster

Worlds Almanac

Here are some supplementary details about worlds and systems in the Corvus Universe.


The Log of the Estimated Prophet

Frank (who plays Naradyan Shah) started a screenplay based in the Corvus Universe, based on the hypothetical adventures of a merchant vessel in the Far Stars Sector. "I'm ready for my closeup now, Mr. Miller!" Reach Frank here.