Traveller Plus

Traveller Plus

Traveller Plus is a collection of classic Traveller house rules, including:

A point-based character generation system: ideal for use in online or PBeM games, where the players are widely separated.
The Cailiber combat system: these detailed combat rules allow many more options than the standard Traveller rules.

Armory and Ordnance

The Armory and Ordnance Handbook is a house design system for classic Traveller weapons and gear. It covers the design of CPR guns, gauss weapons, lasers, grenades, melee weapons, and personal armor. You can design compatible weapons for use with the LBBs, including all DMs, or with the Caliber combat system outlined in Traveller Plus.

Traveller MUSH

Since our gaming group is located across the US, we play online, using a customized PennMUSH platform on a private server.

The quick reference guide lists all the commonly used MUSH commands used to play the game.