Traveller Software

Design Spreadsheets

These spreadsheets are designed for Microsoft Excel, but will also work in the excellent Open Office Calc.


Ship design using standard Book 2 rules.


Ship design using modified High Guard rules.


Character design for the Traveller Plus house rules.


Weapon design from the A&O Handbook. Includes guns, lasers and melee weapons. (Update in progress.)


Body armor design using rules found in the A&O Handbook.


Subsector generation using the standard Book 3 rules. Allows you to drill down on individual worlds in each subsector and generate partial system data.

Help Files

Mushhelp.chm: This HTML Help file is a reference for TravellerMUSH and lists all the game commands.

Client Software

We use two shareware applications to connect to the MUSH.

MUSHClient: Fast, easy to use and compact.

Pueblo: Pueblo is an enhanced client for connecting to a MUSH, allowing HTML, sounds, pictures and other fun stuff.